New software

Scriptcalendar 6.00 - (2013-09-20)
An incredible javascript event calendar that displays events in a monthly format
License: Commercial (Free to try) Size: 81.92 MB Price: 39.00$ Downloads: 774 [Download]
Rapid Deployment URL Launcher 1.1 - (2013-09-20)
Launch all your favorite url's in the default browser with one click.
License: Freeware (Free) Size: 1003.52 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 709 [Download]
galaxySpy 1.1.1 - (2013-09-20)
galaxySpy has a database of over 12,000 known advertising, market research, p...
License: Shareware Size: 716.8 MB Price: 14.95$ Downloads: 298 [Download]
WAP Uploader Pro 1.00 - (2013-09-20)
WAP upload service allowing users to upload their own files
License: Time-limited trial (Free to try) Size: 6963.2 MB Price: 15.00$ Downloads: 140 [Download]
Fake MP3 Detector 2.2 - (2013-09-20)
Detect & delete fake/corrupted MP3 downloads from sources such as Kazaa.
License: Freeware Size: 0.26 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 365 [Download]
Radiotracker 5.0.23024.3400 - (2013-09-20)
Download Your Favorite Music FREE & LEGAL
License: Shareware Size: 54586 MB Price: 29.95$ Downloads: 1384 [Download]
Chocolate Search Engine 1.1 - (2013-09-20)
A search engine for finding the world's finest chocolates.
License: Shareware Size: 972 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 129 [Download]
GoGoData Toolbar (formerly AdBuster) 2.1 - (2013-09-20)
Blocks popups, video ads, banners, chat login ads; + password mgr, spy scanner
License: Freeware Size: 0 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 471 [Download]
Favoritestown 2.03 - (2013-09-20)
Favoritestown provides a fun and effective way to store your favorites!
License: Shareware Size: 10743 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 248 [Download]
Advanced Maillist Verify 4.27 - (2013-09-19)
Mailing lists verifying to determine which of addresses in mail list are dead.
License: Shareware Size: 1075.2 MB Price: 59.95$ Downloads: 1074 [Download]
AIM Buddy Icon Stealer 1.2.5 - (2013-09-19)
Steal Buddy Icons from contacts in AOL Instant Messenger!
License: Freeware Size: 204.8 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 1385 [Download]
LBE Email Scheduler 3.1.3 - (2013-09-19)
Send newsletters to customers, friends, family. Schedule recurring emails.
License: Shareware Size: 2129.92 MB Price: 35.00$ Downloads: 345 [Download]
Headwind SMS Communicator 3.2.1426 - (2013-09-19)
SMS software connecting any handset to PC. Send SMS from your number worldwide.
License: Shareware Size: 1333 MB Price: 59.90$ Downloads: 330 [Download]
ISearch 20 - (2013-09-18)
Search straight from your own computer! ISearch is a completely FREE utility ...
License: Shareware Size: 0 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 282 [Download]
Email Effects 1.6 - (2013-09-18)
A program for getting the most out of email. With it, you can send pictures,
License: Shareware Size: 520 MB Price: 15.00$ Downloads: 324 [Download]
CryptoHeaven Secure Communication 2.8.2 - (2013-09-18)
Secure Email with integrated Instant Messaging and collaboration features
License: Shareware Size: 8099.84 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 1605 [Download]
MailAssistant (Christmas Edition) 1.4 - (2013-09-18)
Reads out email messages with natural-sounding, understandable voice
License: Shareware (Free to try) Size: 3481.6 MB Price: 20.00$ Downloads: 692 [Download]
BitTorrent 6.1.2 build 13422 - (2013-09-18)
Search and download MP3 files from BitTorrent & P2P networks.
License: Shareware Size: 1694 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 98875 [Download]
FlexiBrowser 1.4 - (2013-09-18)
Web browser with improved security
License: Freeware Size: 1515.52 MB Price: 0.00$ Downloads: 755 [Download]
SmileCamFX 1.0 - (2013-09-18)
SmileCamFX: Powerful webcam broadcasting software for mobile and web monitoring.
License: Shareware (Free to try) Size: 19865.6 MB Price: 48.00$ Downloads: 1266 [Download]

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